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LESS IS MORE!~while traveling

How I only took one suitcase for one month of traveling to Greece this summer

*Clothing has to play double and triple duty in adaptability
*Basic dresses that could fit into multiple occasions-basic solid colors, adaptable, and flattering
*3 pairs of shoes-all metallic 2 flats, one strappy small heels
*1 clutch with multiple metallic colors-gold, silver, bronze. Usage for daytime nighttime, matches almost everything
*All items are washable. Limited my dry cleanable outfits to 1 that I knew would work for several occasions- cream linen sailor pants, cream ruffly sleeveless BcBg top
*No valuable jewelry-just fun costume
*Limited toiletries-all travel size when possible. For example instead of bringing on large toothpaste I brought 5 travel sized ones that I could shed as they were used up.
*No bulky sweater items or sweats. Nightgowns super light from Gap Body.
*Wrap cardigan in cotton dressy enough to wear with a dress or pants.
*Only 1 dressy party dress-also super light weight that doesn’t wrinkle but fabulous enough to attend a wedding . Sparkly, filmy sheath, and wonderful bronze gold for my coloring. No need for a full length gown if you are under 40. Cocktail length is always appropriate. (dress shown)
*Pashmina‘s as much as they came in and out of fashion they are travel musts. No sleeves means no sweating so longer wear. Great use as a blanket on plane, over the shoulders at night, over nightgown first thing in the morning, a cover-up over bathing suit.
*I learned this trick while in Hawaii. Use pareo as a dress, bathing suit cover up, and towel

Try Anthropologie, Splendid, Velvet, and Banana Republic, American Apparel for basic dresses

Happy Travels!

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