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have designer bag…will travel

So living and working in New York City means riding the subway is a reality of my daily existence. Although I consider myself professionably successful, I prefer to be fashionally frugal, which means opting to to walk most of the time from my very convenient 5th Avenue crib.

I suspect most New Yorkers have the prototypical cab addiction — as necessary to survival as their Grande-Skinny-Caramel-Macch-Double-Shot-Espresso running through their veins. Those who have really made it (think: expense account) have personal drivers or, at minimum, a car service ride to cruise around town.

Being content as a subway sojourner, I’m left to observe my fellow travelers, specifically the real vs. fake designer bag toters. The reality of the real designer bag market is that they are essentially ‘affordable luxury’ starting at a tempting $300. My personal definition of luxury is to have something unique that is not on the arms of a thousand others. But seriously, if you can afford to spend $2,000 on a bag, shouldn’t you be able to afford to be above ground in a towncar? I’m of the old-school philosophy that you do not spend what you do not have. So, are they dropping $2K on credit? Are they scraping every last dime to have a Speedy? Are they gifts of ‘benefit boyfriends’?

As for the fly girls who are carrying fake louis vuitton bags dressed in H&M…who do you think you are kidding? Go buy yourself something unique this weekend — that reflects who you really are or aspire to be. It can be a vintage, it can be new…. but if it’s fake, ask yourself: “Why Am I Buying This?” And if your current purse doesn’t allow for expenditures , trade a former fave with a close friend. Won’t cost you a dime but you’ll appreciate it so much more!

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