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GenArt-Stylish shakers

Still enjoying the BK (brooklyn) flavor of Genart’s party at Aqua Art. Fashions were in full force. Performances by Overthrow and DJ’s Ray Milian Off The Radar were off the hook. Art was so intoxicating they had a hard time kicking the art lovers out at the end of the night. Leave it to Ian Gerard to curate another great fete in foreign territory.Very stylish men at this party. My good friend Fritz who lives in Miami filled me in on his last 4 years as publisher of ‘The greatest erotic art of today’ a coffee table books which he’s on version #3. He introduced me to a very interesting artist named Perego artofperego. He paints in this jacket and uses his hair as a paint brush.
This musician whose music can be downloaded at has unique style and flair for jewelry. He was filling me on the fact that his heart isn’t even metal and I told him some style secrets are left unsaid.

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