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a trend gone bad

Trends is one thing that really gets on my nerves. Because really and I’ve talked about this before there is no one size or one trend or one item fits all. Trends may work on models but very few of them work universally on ALL women. I’ll give you an example. The maxi dress was great for pregnant women and those who need to hide a little of what was going on in the middle. But for those with an hourglass shape it just adds a sack like shape and the illusion of more weight that doesn’t actually exist. So if you find out what your shape is and get in your little tool kit all the angles and tricks for dressing yourself you’ve got the keys to your own style kingdom.
HERE are a list of 7 trends that bug the bejesus out of me:
-gladiator shoes-way too much visual stimulus bringing attention to your feet.
-neon colors-so few women can wear this and not look like they’re out of the 80’s. If that’s the look you’re going for carry on. Also Neon is hard to wear for those of us who are autumnal coloring (majority of caucasian women in north america)
-leggings spell disaster for anyone with a pear shape-hello most women carry their weight in their hip area
-low waisted pants-so many women cannot wear this style. Good for models and short waisted women ONLY. this one lead so many women down a road that spelled visible CRACK-please don’t go there

What trends have done you wrong? I want to hear from you which ones really get to you.

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