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cutting cost in this economy. thinking smart

My Mother used to dish out advice about how my Great Grandmother “Gram” could scrape every last micro ounce out of the mayonnaise jar. This concept seemed foreign to me growing up in the 80’s in Marin County. At school the ‘cool’ girls had the whole line from ESPRIT..But my Mother explained that during the great depression housewives were very frugal and to wast was a sin. ‘Waste not want not’. 
In today’s climate that concept is now making a lot of sense. With my beauty products I’m squeezing out every last but-sometimes to comical measures. Cutting tubes open to rescue the last drops and using travel samples up before buying new big shampoo bottles. 
Here is a list of some changes I have implemented in my household (of 1)
-using totes for my groceries-whole foods gives a whopping 10 cents back per bag
-using extra plastic shopping bags for garbage bags-since when did garbage bags merit $10
-cooking lots of meals at home
-making massive pots of soup and freezing them in single size portions
-walking to places in the city when possible
-shopping in my closet
-looking at my pantry and filling in the blanks-what can I make with quinoa???
-using this concept of filling in the gaps to closet, pantry, and fridge
-unplugging all appliances when not in use (thanks oprah for this tip)
-questioning myself on every purchase-do I really need polka dot gloves??
-buying sparkling water in bulk and a cheaper brand
-coupons for items I usually purchase
-if I do eat out-lunch is a better bargain
-avoiding daily habits such as starbucks, soda from street vendor, gum, ect.
Thats about it.
If you have any suggestions I would love to hear it.

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