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Closet Chaos Restoration #1

This post is part of the DREAM CLOSET PROJECT in conjunction with EZarchitecture.

Due to the sudden need to pare down in preparation for the closet overhaul (courtesy of EZarchitecture) I decided to perform a ‘deep six’ on my closet. I figured it would be easier to tackle bit by bit so I started with jewelry and toiletries. I threw out anything old, cruddy, or that would be never used. Then I brought some order to the chaos. The jewelry was a bit more challenging because I have several different kinds of storage systems. After testing a bunch I highly recommend clear bins with varrying seperations based on the sizes of your pieces. I then sorted and placed necklaces all together, rings all together, bracelets and so on…

We would like to see into your closet. Would you like our feedback? Well send us a pic and we might choose your closet to discuss..

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