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Blood, Sex and, Tears

Last week I attended a recent underground art salon (Les Salonnieres-I’m totally obsessed with them) whose theme was ‘it’s too hot for sex’ by the very talented event producer Adam Aleksander and foodie Jenny Miller.

Among the offerings were free sex advice by Topaz Chanteuse, Polaroids by Ventiko,  slaughtering and BBQing of a live chicken by Chef Jean Pierre Lauret, live painting by Christina Casey, cocktails by Selena Ricks of Dizzy Fizz, a burlesque routine that consisted of Miss Mary Cyn pouring water on her body with a sponge and bucket and then disrobing and a silent video by Kristen Studioso- Stop Motion

Normally the event is catered but this one was potluck. What was funny was that once the chicken slaying started suddenly everyone’s camera was front and center. There wasn’t a single iphone in the pocket . I started to film it and announced to my date that it would make great blog material. But once the blood started flowing it my heart switched. I stopped filming and the whole spectacle ruined my appetite for food and for the evening. I’ve been debating as to whether I should release the footage. (What are your thoughts? Comment down below)  Luckily I was in good company and didn’t mull on the whole chicken thing. But we both felt even though we eat chicken we would prefer not to watch this act. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

It seems he’s caught the attention of some big ones around town. It doesn’t take long if you’re doing something exceptional for others to catch on. Here’s the HUFF PO article.

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