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Art Basel Miami the show

mathew monahan

luis gispert
david altmeid sold for 130k

“Like anything so far?
Too overwhelming to tell”

More like underwhelming.
Yes Basel is blue chip art and it is a huge show-impressive really. But I was left with the feeling of continuity. As if all of the artists were of the same sensibility, the same style, and almost interchangable. I didn’t see a huge different between each booth. Galleries shoot me now…well Sylvester Stalone’s booth which was crammed all the time was different no I re-frase UGLY. I’m just saying.
With the high price to show at this show blue chip art is derigeur to make money but I’m wondering if it’s worth for galleries to avoid risk? Who suffers?
Some highlights which I enjoyed:

The people watching on the VIP/Press preview during the day was phenomenal. The quality of the collectors were so high. Very well dressed in designer garb, jewels, leboutins, jimmy choos, ,limited edition louis vuitton bags, kelly bags, and much more. Women were better turned out than at fashion week. These women have the time, cash, and the style to dress. I know we are in a recession but in the first hour or probably even before the show started a bizarro piece by david atmejd sold for 120K-just pocket change for the Aby Rosen’s of the world. There are sales being made.
I was anticipating the night time vernissage but it was the poor sister event-lots of flash but fake bling. Just goes to show you in the art world the REAL and VERY first view is the best.

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