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A boating experience in Milos

By | August 21st, 2010 | TRAVEL

While in Milos traveling with my new BTBE- (best travel buddy ever) we looked into day excursions on boats. After day trips on a private yachts I have to admit I’ve been spoiled.Once you get to Milos you soon learn that all of the breathtaking beaches are accessible via boat as half of the island is unpaved and rocky mountainous terrain. Most of the boats were sailboats that took all day sails of 10 hours or powerboats packed party boat style. Neither of these scenarios appealed to us.  We were about to sign up for the bigger of the boats when we found out we would be passenger #94 and #95-NO THANK YOU! So really off the beaten track leaving from a remote part of the island with a defunct restaurant was a medium size boat with 70 person capacity whose trip was a 3.5 hours and took you to the top 2 spots on the island. Bingo. The other great part was that because the boat didn’t leave from the port and it was a morphed fishing boat that clearly needed some love there were under 30 passengers. We could spread out and enjoy the ride without sticking to some stranger’s thigh.  The vibe of the boat was chill the captains were the typical barrel shape and luckily the tour was lacking any cheesy narration just the simple-“THIS IS KLEFTIKO YOU HAVE AN HOUR AND 15 MINUTES.” I met a lovely gay couple with matching Ray Ban sunglasses and a Greek guide on holiday was pretty posed and proud once the camera pointed to her and an adventurous in the water. I didn’t have the heart to tell her the forest was overgrown and showing.  -(a common sight on this trip). But the real fashion train wreck award goes to….these women I coined ‘the Greek Grandma show’….

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