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you never know where you’re going to find it..

my favorite neck warmer found spontaeously at a fair

In my very first job out of college I worked for Foxcroft shirts selling wholesale to small shops all over New England. My boss Pam Wyke taught me well that it was a nice good faith gesture while during the sales visit to also purchase something from their store. So I would poke around and chat with the owners. A wonderful thing happened. I would always magically find something amazing despite the fact that the stores were not marketed towards my demographic. See I was selling ‘missy’ shirts which can translate to old-lady-embroidered-birds-on-shirts (but you didn’t hear it from me).

So I would find these totally cool garments wear them and get tremendous kudos from my friends who would never believe where I got them. For example I lived in a sweater coat from Ralph Lauren for a year and it was from one of those shops. Being a scavenger was already in my nature- In high school I would buy jeans from the boys section because they fit me so well.

I share these stories with you to make the point that you never know when you’re going to find something special. Look everywhere. Don’t just cover the usual bases. I’ve found amazing accessories on the streets in New York. Iris Apfel who is like the original stylist mixes flea market $5 rings with $15,000 couture.

Let the hunting begin.

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