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6 mistakes women make while shopping

By | July 11th, 2012 | Confessions

1. Having no plan – You wander around buying things that look interesting, but when you get them home, you wonder why you bought them. That’s why I include a wardrobe master plan with my style re-invention package. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. It keeps clients on track with what they need and eliminates buying things that they’re just reacting to.

2. Shopping on an empty stomach or when tired or angry – Never shop to fill an emotional void. I always have snacks on hand for my clients should they get peckish.

3. Buying the same thing over and over – This happens when you don’t look in every department, so don’t make a beeline for the same spot every time.

4. Buying an item that is a good color but bad shape or vice versa – That’s exactly why I created the no remorse style podcast. Get it here!

5. Buying something not needed on impulse – Put the item on hold and think about it. If you can’t stop dreaming about it or realize the next day that it can fill a gap in your closet, go back and get it if you can afford it.

6. Buying more stuff but of lesser quality – The book OVERDRESSED talks about this issue.

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