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Why pull-on pants aren’t just for old ladies

By | September 17th, 2014 | Confessions, Style TRUTHS

oldladyAdmit it; the idea of pull-on pants makes you think of your grandma and Kmart right? I don’t blame you it’s something we’ve seen in the media.

Hello Blanche!!!

Well here’s the thing…. the idea isn’t that far off and I will tell you why.  It’s something the fashion industry doesn’t want you to know or anticipate.

I talked about this in a past post called “bodies change – so deal with it”

Yes your body is a living organism it isn’t like a fixed sign post. It moves, grows, and shifts at least every 5 years. Your body is going to change and more so if you’re dealing with illness, fitness changes, stress in your life, having a baby, moving and changes in your lifestyle

It’s basically due to life!HUE Jeans

So I will tell you what is distorted thinking, that you will buy a jacket/dress/shirt/pants with no stretch in it and expect to wear it for years to come.  Not going to happen!

That’s why I tell all of my clients to buy mostly items with stretch, plus it allows you the ability to move and be comfortable. Why suffer for fashion when we have Lycra?

So if you want to feel great check out my Style & Comfort webinar

Oh, and my favorite pull-on pants are  boot cut jeans by HUE. 


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