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When it’s time for a new bra

By | August 10th, 2011 | Confessions, STYLE DIY

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Bras have a lifespan of three to six months if they’re worn regularly. That means you have to buy new ones. I know!!!

Bras get their stretchiness from Lycra or a similar material, and ALL of these materials wear out eventually (just like a bathing suit). I did a little experiment to prove this fact: I bought three wireless Miracle bras from Victoria’s Secret, two nude and one black. I wore the two nude ones religiously, but hardly ever put on the black one since I don’t often wear dark colors.

After a couple months, I noticed that the nude bras were getting stretched out, yet the black style was still good. I ordered new nude bras in the exact same style and measured the difference between the new shipment and the old. The band had stretched a half an inch and the straps had stretched three inches! Without Lycra in good working condition, your twins will not be properly ‘arranged.’ So add buying a new bra to your calendar every three to six months, and you’ll never forget!

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