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What’s the value of ‘it jeans’?

ag jeans

Last night, I was chatting with a lovely friend who was telling me her woes of finding the perfect jeans (a common complaint for sure). She said that she has such trouble finding jeans that look good on her, and when she finally found AG jeans that fit like a glove, she thought them too expensive at $350. I pointed out that they may have a much higher value than she realized because her lifestyle has changed, and now she wears jeans all the time.

We are somehow wired to think that a party dress that may be worn only two or three times is worth $350 while an everyday item is not. I’m asking you – well, I’m telling you – that you need to shift your thinking.

Aren’t amazing jeans worth their weight in gold? If there are items that you know you will get TONS of wear out of, it reduces the CPW (cost per wear) drastically. In New York City, coats fall in the everyday use category and therefore merit a bigger budget. By all means shop around and look for bargains, but if you find exactly what you NEED and LOVE, grab it and treasure it.

There’s nothing worse than having non-buyers regret down the line.

Oh, and I can’t wait to see those fab jeans on you, Danielle!

PS Nordstroms, AGjeans, and Zappos has some good prices on AG

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