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What visual message are you sending?

RHH Live shot by Molly Hoyne Mahar via twitter@stratejoy

Attended an amazing weekend workshop and realized there is much to say around the issue of what to wear on stage. So here are my tips and points to ponder for what to wear on stage:

1.     Know your audience in advance. What would they want to see you in?

2.     Have a friend take a snapshot of you on stage at the tech rehearsal in a few different outfits. It will give you an accurate view of how you look like and choose wisely.

3.     Your suit that may look great in person may not translate on stage. Bigger, brighter, bolder usually works better than subtle small details. There is a reason costumes are different from everyday clothing.

4.     What is the overall message you are sending with the color you are wearing? Are you sending messages of excitement, serenity, call to action, or no message?

For example grey is very hot in fashion and beautiful in person but visually can translate to a lack of message under the lights.

5.     Where is the placement of bling, pop, or personal flare? If you’re wearing the bling from the knees and below it will be missed by the majority of the audience. Just like being on camera you want the statement flourishes to be on your upper half-think necklace, earring, rings, hair accessories, pocket square, ect. This is your chance to wear something more flashy than usual.

6.     How does your outfit support or work against your message as a speaker?

7.     Baggy and tent like dresses and tops are never flattering. If you add more volume to your shape you will look larger rather than smaller. Go for body skimming and you will look thinner. I know this one is a common mistake I see every day on the street.

When in doubt hire a pro to help you manifest an amazing look for your image. I can help.

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