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What the wealthy and stylish want

Attention DESIGNERS and RETAILERS ( Bergdorfs, Barney’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales) here is what my discerning wealthy consumers want.
After working with hundreds of private clients there are common threads of what most client ask for. I share them with you here so you can kick some fashion ass.

1. Value for their money-good quality items which won’t fall apart
2. COMFORTABLE -hello knits that stretch and give
3. Versatility and ability to go day to night with their outfit
4. Look put together without looking over styled
5. Not to be confined to a fashion box like ‘romantic’ ‘edgy’ -the ability to be unique
6. No logos or brand recognition (sorry Gucci and Louis Vuitton)
7. More variety of color-let’s go beyond black please
8. More stylish and colorful styles for those over size 10 (see number 7)
9. Waist defining styles-get rid of the boxy cut-more tailored but stretchy shaped garments
10. No weird colors which look bad on everyone (puke green, neon colors, prints which overwhelm)
11. No styles resembling anything on Manrepeller.com
12. No strange trends which are unflattering to the body-harem pants, capris, leggings, skirts that end mid calf, over-sized shoulder pads, massive bows.

Have I left anything off? Let me know what you want to see in the retail world.

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