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Warning extremely dorky childhood story + embarrassing photos inside

By | October 6th, 2017 | Confessions

When I was in junior high I felt very much the outcast.

I was newish to Del Mar Middle school after transferring from private school to public school and repeating a grade.

So I was older than my classmates (because I had been held back in 4th grade due to misdiagnosis of a learning disorder) but in some way felt inferior.

I felt like a dork.

And I so wanted to be cool and accepted by the cool kids.

From the outside the cool kids had it all.

Rich parents, lots of ESPRIT outfits, shiny hair, perfect makeup, and the bright futures with BMW convertibles in their future.

And it was this environment that I started to experiment with style.

I thought that if I looked original, rad, and cool that somehow I would get in with the cool kids. And then I would feel accepted and part of something.

Madonna was very much all the rage so dressing up in her style kept my best friend and I entertained for hours after school.

This was my WHY to dress better and create a unique style for myself.

Did it work?


I did manage to infiltrate the second tier of cool kids but never properly made it to the inner circle of the top coolest kids. I didn’t really find my tribe till high school junior year.

But the style skills I kept honing.

I kept trying on different styles and experimenting, playing dress up with my best friend, and having fun with it.

I played so much dress up and then went to get training in the science of style-color and shape analysis that I did get my style act together.

And I found that my innate style eye was a gift that could be one of my greatest assets.

As an adult I reaped the benefits of being well dressed.

I found that If I dressed a certain way I would attract a better client who could afford my rates.

I found that I got asked to speak because I looked the part. I even got tv auditions because of how I looked and my personality.

Being the woman I needed to be-i.e. the whole package.

So I ask all my potential clients WHY they want to solve their style problems.

Because I find it is deeper than just, “ I want to look cute”.

Yes it’s a material world.

But it’s also a deep world.

Who do you need to be to create the life you want?

And what would she look like?

What would she wear?

Want a co-creator to create that new you?

I would love to help.

Find out more if it’s a fit on a Style Assessment call. Click here.

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