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Top 10 tips for style industry success

By | July 29th, 2010 | STYLE DIY

alexandra greenawalt

Working on your image makes you remember what’s important to you. As I work on the content for my new site I realize that I have worked to follow these simple mantras/rules/guidelines. With no one governing me as a freeelancer I have a fellow stylist to thank for the catalyst that got me thinking about morals and standards. As part of my start in the fashion world I assisted another stylist who I shall call ‘Rose’. She hired me to accompany her on location for the music cover shoot. The artist was not very well know so she pulled clothing using a manufactured letter from a prestigious magazine. While on location the magazine got wind of her little scheme and sent an email blast to all New York showrooms saying that her shoot was not an official shoot for the magazine and not to loan clothing under that pretext. They also took the story to WWD and she faced a lot of bad press. It proved to me that lying will always come back to bite you.

Alexandra’s top 10 tips for success

1.Be honest

2.Go the extra mile

3.Promise less deliver more

4.Think out of the box-look at it from a different perspective

5.Bring more than just clothing and accessories-think about how I can add mood to the environment

6.Be prepared


8.Arrive on time

9.Be efficient

10.Speak your truth

What about you? What do you live by to create integrity?

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