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Nothing to eat or wear?

By | November 16th, 2016 | Confessions, LESS IS MORE, STYLE DIY

Alexandra can help you with your closet

Have you ever come home from the grocery store with $75 worth of food and yet you feel you have nothing to make or eat? You have chips but no dip, entrée but not app, missing ingredients to a signature dish?
It’s much like a full closet and nothing to wear!

We all experience this and recently a client was describing her closet to me and I realized that only wearing 1/8 of your closet is really common. My theory is based on half outfits or what I call ‘orphans’.

They are items that are really great (because you purchased them) but they have no mates or matching coordinates so they never see the light of day.

We all have these.

The problem stems from discipline and issues around finishing projects through and also lacking a master plan. (A master plan is one of the many benefits my clients enjoy while working with me.

When I work with private clients one of the first things we do is go through and find those gems that don’t have mates and shop specifically for the missing pieces.

This builds on what the client already has and saves money in the long run.

I also teach my clients that they need to be more organized, thoughtful, and conscious when they are shopping in the grocery store or in a boutique.

I encourage them to ask themselves before they buy anything to run thru a few key questions.

Does this fit me and look amazing?

Does this color make my skin and eyes come alive?

What will it go with?

Will it complement and outfit?

What stragglers do you have in your closet and what do you do with them?

If this is overwhelming and you would like help with your closet, I now offer a complete self guided video program to solve this issue. Check out the newly made-over Closet Clarity. There is a new VIP option that includes 1:1 attention from me when you get stuck. Get  CLOSET : : CLARITY 

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