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Toledo no show

By | March 25th, 2009 | INSPIRING EVENTS, STYLE

I have always paid attention to indie designers. Truthfully I would chose RED MASALA over Gucci. Last year if I had mentioned the designer Isabel Toledo to a friend I would have gotten a blank stare. Today thanks to Michelle Obama wearing her creations even my little 12 year old nieces have heard of her. She was supposed to participate in a fashion panel tonight titled ‘power and fashion’ as part of the graduate center with Guy Trebay and Gabi AsFour. I have looking forward to this event-I plastered the poster on my fridge and added it to my calander on my CURVE. So sad and dissapointed upon my arrival to find it had been rescheduled to April 8th.
I bet Isabel got a much bigger speaking engagement now that she’s famous.

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