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What’s love got to do with Saks Beauty 2.0?

By | June 4th, 2018 | INSPIRING EVENTS

This week I checked out the new Beauty 2.0 at Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store. Last year they had a wellness pop up and this expanded beauty floor is making waves.

First of all it’s a big change to move cosmetics from the first floor to the second floor. Traditionally in Department stores the cosmetics has always been front and center of the first floor and it’s refreshing to see Saks change with the times.

As a consumer it’s a lot more relaxing to visit Beauty 2.0.

Each vendor has more space to showcase their line but also demonstrate products. The outer edges have mini stores from companies like Christian Leboutin which is built out in the style of the brand.

What I was most excited by:
~100+ beauty services you can book online like makeup lesson, facial, or makeup application with your favorite brand
~850 space event space for master classes and wellness talks
~Beauty Concierge
~Blink Brow Bar for brows and lashes
~Sundays Nail salon
~Skinney Medspa
~Custom foundation by Lancome -8,000 shades, 3 coverage levels and 3 hydration levels.

What struck me as most luxurious about the new space is frankly more space which changes the dynamic. Each vendor has way more space so that means as a customer you have more space to sit, relax, and discover the brands in a more inclusive way.

Gone is the concept of the makeup counter where the vendor is behind the counter guarding the product and you must stand, buy your product, and leave. Customer and vendor are on the same side discovering the product together. It’s less confrontation and more loving. A total sign of the times business wise.

My business philosophy is to love on my clients hard and to partner with them so seeing a big company embrace this notion inspires me.

Doing style makeovers for women the past 18 years in NYC has shown me that beauty is a big part of style. You can have a great outfit on but if it’s not accessorized correctly or your hair is a mess or your face isn’t properly made up you won’t feel 100% awesome. We all have different comfort levels in terms of how much or little makeup is right and I take all of that into account when working 1:1.

I know I will be incorporating these great services with my signature offerings so that my clients feel completely made over.

If you’re ready for your total makeover style, beauty, and inner confidence apply for a style call here.

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