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This Lady Launched too Soon

The funny thing is that even though I am an “old fashioned” girl I have always been an “early adopter.”

The truth is…when I opt to ‘launch’ I get it out of my system and fast…but timing is everything. For example…in 1999, I created a website that was a cross between firstVIEW and Patrick McMullan, documenting fashion and nightlife. I ran around Boston with a Sony digital camera that took floppy disks (remember those things). So after 3 years of toiling, many late nights, massive internet traffic, and a sense of mini celebritydom, I poured everything into getting REAL and launched my baby… Irony being a strong suit of mine, I then up and moved to NYC, translating the entire virtual experience to real life. I was too ahead of the times to squeeze one advertising dollar out of the business. As my former boss said: “No one’s ever gonna buy a dress on the intanet”

More early adoptive examples: Back in college, I was the first in my dorm to have a MAC SE (Apple’s inaugural desktop), the first in my posse to own a Palm PDA, and more recently the Blackberry CURVE. But all my pioneering isn’t without hazards, like my chronic wrist problems due to a decade of overusage of devices with keyboards and teeny-weenie buttons.

So what’s the latest trend for this old-fashioned-early-adoptive-victim-of-technology? UNPLUG! Yip… this girl has even outlawed all cell phones from the bedroom, even at night. Why so stringent you ask? Well, only since you ask…I once was hooking up with a guy in Miami at 3 am and he took a phonecall on his StarTAC mid -…er …ehm…launch!

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