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Big changes in retail and how it will affect you

By | October 30th, 2017 | NEW AND NOTEWORTHY

This week WeWork announced a deal that would purchase Lord and Taylor’s flagship for 850 million. Lord and Taylor will retain about 150,000 square feet for it’s commercial use.

I would imagine that they will focus on the most profitable sectors and those most desirable to the millennial market since that’s who will be coming into WeWork walking through Lord and Taylors space.

Tune into the video to see the BIG changes retail and how it will affect you as the consumer.

(If there is no sound, please click the volume button in the lower left corner of the video)

As a personal stylist, I help leading ladies upgrade their style so that they can feel confident and kick ass in business.

My role is to help my clients look and feel their best and find clothing and accessories that project the right image.

Losing a flagship big department store will hurt the consumer because no where else in New York City could you build a wardrobe so effectively and find quality clothing at a fair price.

If you hate to shop and feel like you have nothing to wear, I invite you to schedule a complimentary Style Assessment call with me to see how easy your style can be taken care of with my help. <Sign up here>

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