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The Naked Face on The Talk

By | September 19th, 2012 | Confessions

This week during the season 3 premiere of the TV show The Talk, the hosts did the whole show sans makeup. Although I applaud their courage to show their true face, I was horrified during the first few minutes. This had nothing to do with what their faces actually look like—I have a beef with the show’s wardrobe stylist! By putting all of the ladies in stark white robes and towels, they did a huge disservice to their natural features and skin.

The hosts all have warm skin, so the stark cool white brought out their skin imperfections. What would have been more naturally flattering is to have them all in off-white or cream robes. Any good wardrobe stylist should have studied color analysis and done these ladies justice. I personally go out with a naked face because I wear colors that bring out my natural beauty, like teal, and I teach my clients how to do the same.

Sara Gilbert is credited on The Huffington Post as the instigator of the makeup-free episode, but I wonder if they took inspiration from Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution, who’s been very vocal about not wearing makeup on TV. The PR stunt was good for the morale of the average women who might not realize how much hair/makeup/wardrobe can change a person’s look.

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