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The Magic of Masquerades

Alexandra at her first bikini masquerade party at the infamous Wilzig Castle in the Hamptons circa 1999. Ivana Trump and other notables attended.

Guests at the Wilzig Castle Binkini Masquerade Hamptons circa 1999

So apparently I am known to some (well my fantastic social media teacher Melea Seward) as a masquerade goddess. I have been to 2 masquerades in my life-the first one being Ivan Wilzig’s half naked bikini masquerade in the Hamptons with Ivana Trump-(years ago and so many stories from my over 10 years ago I blogged about this event before it was called blogging-wow I’m dating myself). That event was pre Eyes Wide Shut but for me was a Eyes WIDE OPEN experience. It soon became apparent that the purpose of the party was to attract as many women who were looking to take their clothes off ( I was clearly overdressed in my leopard bikini and mesh dress) in an east coast version of the playboy mansion. Not really my cup of tea but the costumes were fantastic and people watching at the Wilzig Castle UNREAL.

But now onto a more tasteful affair…

Alexandra at recent masquerade held at the National Arts Club

Some inspiring looks at the National Arts Club Masquerade

Yes I do admit I love to dress up (Halloween is my favorite holiday and I recently attended a 1950’s Epic Prom) so I’m giving you a post dedicated to masquerades. On recent Friday evening at the National Arts Club I attended with equally excited and lovely Christina Casey, her partner Robert, and Richard Berman a soon to be natural and raw food sensation. I think the part of a masquerade that is so exciting and titilating  thanks to Eyes Wide Shut is that the sense of mystery is heightened. Like a good cocktail-everyone looks pretty appealing with their face half in hiding. I think I look a bit alien like but that’s because wearing black is so foreign to me.
Ricky’s is a good places to find masks during the Halloween season. Otherwise try to visit Abracadabra. But really making your own mask is the best. Find you fun materials like feathers, glitter, rhinestones and start glue gunning away. Can be a fun project to do with friends.

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