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Behind the Scenes – How I Wrote My Third Book In Record Time

I want you to love yourself and what you wear every day

A friend yesterday asked how I wrote my book in such a short time frame. From after Thanksgiving to New Years Eve basically.

The truth is I couldn’t have written this book before now.

I had to travel, pull my hair out, had to streamline my own wardrobe, and had to learn to live with less.

I had to work with lots of women one to one to see the common threads and what stops them from moving forward.

I needed the 16 years of experience of being a personal stylist to leading women.

Last year I tried to piece together a book using my blog posts but half way through working with an UpWork editor I lost steam. I could sense it wasn’t working.

But once I found Angela and the Author Incubator everything fell into place and the process became so easy.

With her system I couldn’t imagine NOT finishing my book.

I could only see a bright future. Could have something to do with the visualization meditations we did around our book.

I learned that I do my best work as a plodder. A little bit at a time. And so I set up my life for two months in Miami so that I could plod through the book. I made sure I did my pages first thing in the morning and then I would eat healthy and 3 times a week did a gentle yoga class. I also had some help from this little one.

Sometimes at night I would socialize but not much. Being away from NYC and clients allowed me to focus in a new way and really ‘bang it out’.

I also had the motivation of reward vs punishment.

I told myself if I finished I would book that cruise to the BVI’s or somewhere equivalent.

And if I didn’t finish I would punish myself with no entertainment for a month. No tv, streaming, or movies.

This kind of set up works for any big task really. It can apply to building a wardrobe, or editing a wardrobe, or creating a business.

You may not work well as a plodder but in big bursts of time after much procrastination. Find out what works best for you.

Step one: visualize succes
Step two: map out how you are going to get the job done and schedule it in the calendar
Step three: plan reward and punishment
Step four: do the work
Step five: complete and reward yourself

So what do you want to accomplish?

I’d love to know.


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