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Sun Clothing Can Be Stylish

By | August 22nd, 2011 | Confessions, STYLE DIY

Protection from the sun is important to me. Thanks to my Mom I’ve learned about sun protective garments~most of which can err on the dorky side. With very fair skin which burns and does not tan I was eager to find some attractive options for my beach vacation.

Italia Hats from Solumbra

I’m not going to miss out on all that water and sun time just because of a small thing like sun damage.

A few years ago I only found a few decent tops at Solumbra and none to buy from Coolibar. But now it seems that Coolibar Sp 50+ has trumped Solumbra’s Sp of 30. While in Turks and Caicos I worn my ruched swim shirt and pin tuck blouse almost every day and hand washed them easily out at night. Most people didn’t know I was wearing sun protective clothing and were happy to learn about it since they were having bad reactions to the sun. Here’s what I found which was stylish and great protection.
Some items are on sale and selling out fast so don’t wait!

Ruched swim shirt

~A very cool red fall hat which is also onsale
~Horizon sun hat
~Montauk sunhat
~Teal bendable poolside hat
~Easy sunwrap to throw over a t-shirt
~Swim skirt with shorts
~Ruched swim shirt
~Leggings could be worn with the above swim shirt if you wanted protection for your legs
~Ruffle swim shirt a more feminine option than a rash guard
~Travel wrap
~Featherweight cover up has great ruching in the breast area which is great for small chested women
~Silk infinity scarf
~Italia sun hat
~Women’s full zip workout top

I didn’t find the pintuck blouse for sale any longer but look for it in the future.
I would love to see a plain front side zip pant made by either company. I also would love to see Solumbra step it up another notch in terms of more stylish colors and styles. I am eager to consult with you!

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