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Success and your Closet

By | October 28th, 2016 | Confessions, Style TRUTHS

Have you ever been in a house of someone you admire.

A woman who has what you want.

She is super successful and just had an air about her that nothing can mess with her serenity?

That life is just easy.

And you sneak a peak into their closet and it’s so beautiful, organized, streamlined that it could be in a high end closet

organization ad.

Being a stylist I’ve been in hundreds of closets of all income brackets and I have seen the direct correlation

between success and a closet that is serving it’s owner.

Whether they are naturally gifted in the style department or simply have professionals that keep their closet in tip
top shape I’ve noticed that not scrambling in the AM is a priority and one of their secrets to success.

They realize that their time is valuable so outsourcing things like, cooking, cleaning, organizing, shopping, errands,
and personal matters keep them at the top of their game and ability to laser focus on the tasks that only they can do.
Like running their company.

Like funding their company.

Like making key decisions in their company.

Now I will say there is such thing as a closet with too many choices in it.

I worked with a client on the Upper East Side who was very successful and married a very successful man.

She had her own thriving business but when it came to style she has closets full of clothing she didn’t know how to put together.

After lots of weeding out and going through her closet together what was clear to me was that she lacked
clarity in

  1. what shapes of garments looked good on her (in fact most of her closet was the wrong shape for her body)
  2. what colors looked good on her (most of her closet was filled with dark colors that drained her face)
  3. what size prints worked or didn’t work for herShe had lots of what I call orphan pieces that had no mate.
    So basically it was thousands of dollars wasted and unworn.

    So in working together we took out everything not working and she sold and gave racks away
    and I taught her what did look good on her.

    We created outfits together, took photos, and she went through the whole style re-invention
    she also got an advance copy of my book Vetted by a Stylist.
    Within a short amount of time she was gushing that
    getting dresses was so easy
    she just could open up the book and then wear one of the outfits
    she didn’t have to think about it
    she could just live her life and focus on her family and her practice.
    We even got her packed for her first two week vacation over a week ahead of time.
    That kind of prep had never happened before. It was always the night before packing and stressing.

    For my own styling business I noticed a huge shift in my attitude and income when I started thinking about what kinds of clients I wanted to attract and what they would want me to look like.
    So when I moved from Brooklyn into Manhattan I changed the focus of my clientele and left my hippie style behind
    and embraced a more classic streamlined style because I knew I had to model a look that my client’s would find attractive.
    So I dressed in a way that felt good to me but also I knew would be attractive to my ideal client.

    Over the years I’ve also witnessed a direct correlation between women struggling with money issues
    and also having an issue with light hoarding.
    The flow or chi in their house and in so many areas of their life is stuck.
    When they cannot get rid of clothing that they’re not wearing they are staying in the past and not able
    to move forward. They often are not aware of the issue but getting dressed in the morning is a frustrated process.

    I have seen women in transition and how our work together has been a catalyst in their career.

    One client when I met her was working in PR for a big bank and we started working together
    and all of a sudden she was up for a bigger and better job as head of PR for a major mega beauty company conglomerate.
    We got her into a new type of clothing which would support this new uber stylish life but still say power’.
    She knew she was going to have to compete in the office if she got the job with women who were size 2-4 and could fit into designer wear. So our challenge was to convey the right message and dress her appropriate for the job and her age and her size 12. Which high end designers don’t cut above a size 10.
    So it was a challenge but we made it work and she got the job and I know that so much of her success
    was fueled also by what she wore to the interview with the chairman because she felt confident because she looked great.

    Style can be a tool and a secret weapon.

    Recently I worked with another woman who had been technically not working but had been doing some consulting work.

    She was brilliant in her field of museum/art world and I could tell she was finally ready to go to the next level.
    Again halfway through working together she got an opportunity to interview for the job of a lifetime heading up a major department at a major museum and since taking a hiatus from shopping for years we got her sorted out.

    She was one of many who hated shopping but we managed to make it easy for her.

    She even did her first professional photo shoot and loved the head shots she got out of the experience.
    She loved having outfits that felt in alignment with her and wore her favorite outfit to the interview.

    I know that a lot of people dismiss clothing, fashion, beauty, and style as frivolous but I have seen it change my client’s lives for the better.

    They can focus on what’s important and feel confident.

Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

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