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Style Myth Buster-A Perfect Body?

By | November 9th, 2011 | Confessions, STYLE DIY

Alexandra modeling one of the discarded tented pieces from a client's closet

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Almost every week, one of my friends will say to me, “Alexandra, you have the perfect body. You can wear ANYTHING.” Well….I will take the compliment graciously, and yes, it feels nice to hear it.

But, in reality, this is a myth. There is no such thing as a “perfect body”’ We are all perfect and ever-evolving in our own unique ways.

I have assets and challenges with my body – just like everybody else. The difference is that I have learned and applied ALL of the style tricks in the book. So, I’m going to lay it all out for you and break it down. (I’ve never been this exposed before.)

Challenge #1: At 5’5.5, I’m not that tall.

Solution: I usually wear one of my best colors head-to-toe to look taller and thinner, and this also gives me a more cohesive look.

Challenge #2: At 112-115 pounds (my weight always fluctuates a bit, which is natural) and barely a 34A, I’m lacking in the breast department and am on the scrawny side. My “best” friend in high school’s nickname for me was “negative tits.” You get the idea…and I’m still waiting for them to come in.

Solution:Meanwhile, ruching, twisting, and any feature with volume in the chest area work wonders. So do sweetheart necklines, v-necklines, and avoiding high, plain necklines that flatten. I also make sure to wear waist-enhancing styles to show off my best asset, my waist, which keeps my breasts in proportion.

Challenge #3: My torso is super long, and my legs are on the short side. (Bet you never noticed.) This makes shopping for bathing suits, pants, and jeans a challenge.

Solution: I stay away from leggings unless they’re with boots of the same color, and I wear high- or mid-waisted pants. For swimsuits, tankinis with high leg action are best. Always have waist definition at the waist and not below the bust, and AVOID babydoll styles at all costs.

Challenge #4: I’m small, and I bet you don’t think this is a challenge. But, small people have issues finding clothing that doesn’t drown them or make them look childish. I have several clients in this boat with me.

Solution: Picking styles that show off my small waist and tush accent my hourglass shape. I make sure that my clothing fits all around. (As a teen, none of my clothing fit properly.) My clothes can’t be too baggy or have super long arms or legs. AVOIDING balloonish or generous cuts is probably the most challenging because the retail world in America cuts big so that the styles will fit more people and so that women will FEEL smaller. (That’s what vanity sizing is.)

It really irks me that the retail world sells all of these clothing styles that look good on NOBODY. To illustrate this point, I’m wearing a piece from a closet edit; if it doesn’t look good on skinny me, it won’t look good on any body. Even if you are plus size, you should NOT be tenting your body in your clothes.

Now, I would love to hear from you! What are your style challenges and assets? Comment down below and share with your friends.

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