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Letting go of treasured style gifts

By | August 29th, 2016 | Confessions, Style Esteem

when to let go a dress
What are you holding onto?

A treasured friend of mine, Antonia, is a talented singer/songwriter/performer who I worked with in my past life as a fashion shoot stylist-we’re talking about 2002.

The shoot we did together never yielded any good shots because the photographer was drunk the whole time.

Not an uncommon story in the fashion world but water under the bridge.

We stay in touch despite her traveling schedule and she was sharing with me a story about a 00 Versace dress.

She was neighbors with the designer who personally gave her this crazy small dress when she was younger.

The dress was slightly too tight and too small for her with a hemline in the‘coochie area’.

She was at the thinnest she would ever be in her life which was borderline unhealthy.

She was dancing ballet and young at the time and about 115 pounds.

The dress required her to lose a few pounds and one of her family members was encouraging her to lose it.

But really that was unrealistic. So she wore the dress maybe once and then kept the dress in her closet.

Once after having a stomach flu, she tried it on again and it fit.

But basically kept the dress for years until she was finally able to let it go and remove it from her closet.

I’ve seen this sort of situation happen time and time again.

We hold out on the idea that it MIGHT fit one day.

But I ask you…what are you holding onto? Can you let it go?

Can you accept yourself for where you are and be grateful?

I just finished giving my latest program CLOSET CLARITY a makeover. It is a self-editing program to help you get past your closet and style blocks.

I would love to hear from you what are your biggest challenges around purging from your closet?

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Photo caption: In order to protect the innocent I’m showing your an incriminating photograph of me circa 2000 in the shortest, tightest dress I ever owned.

A gift from a boyfriend at the time.

Laugh while you can..

I was young.

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