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Soon to be named ‘Dream Closet’ project

Alexandra's current closet 'situation'

Please join me on a journey of purging the things that no longer serve you.

Listen to our inaugural PODCAST about the start of our project.

2.5 years in my dream apartment and 2 architects point out tactfully that my closet really is lacking in breathing space. They are here to transform my WIC to a dream closet destination but they say it would be aided with a bit of editing. ME a STYLIST who’s life definition is determined by stuff needs to edit? Yes, well I DO NOT see myself as defined by my stuff. I am a human being not a human doing or a better human because of a Gucci purse. As a teenager I shopped a fair amount and also unsupervised. My Mom wanted nothing to do with my clothing selection process because I was so opinionated and would mull over the tiniest details. Already a budding stylist as young age I was in charge of expressing my style. Fast forward to working on set with Camilla Nickerson on a W magazine shoot I saw so much excess clothing and accessories I began to change my view of clothing. This glut of 10 + racks of clothing was wasteful. She only pulled from her selects on one rack while all the others sat there until interns would spend 2 days to messenger everything back to their designer showrooms.  With my shoots I would carefully make my selections and not pull items that I knew I wouldn’t use. I guess the Californian in me was seeping out. So all of this contact and constant working with merchandise slowly eroded it’s value to me. What has become most important is finding clothing and accessories that are 100% perfect for me and for my lifestyle. I will admit that I do have dresses from my ballroom dancing days 10+ years ago that sit unworn, items that have never been worn, and accessories/props for shoots. Everything is contained in my apartment but really it would be nice to rid myself of the things that are just sitting there.

Recently I was approached by a wonderful architect team Hsiang Lin and Guido Tenaglia of EZarchitecture to work on a closet project. They wanted to bling out my currently closet to show potential clients what we could do together. The concept would be that we would launch a new service temporarily called the Dream Closet which would transform the closet into a destination. See these two crafty fellow see a big gap in the market. They said that the closet is where the bathroom was 15 years ago-just a functional room but lacking in character. Combined with their expertise to personalize the closet they asked me to join their team as the styling component. I would help the client select or edit the clothing and contents of the closet, shop for design touches.  We are looking to market the Dream Closet service package from $10,000-$20,000.  I suggested we do some market research first by looking in the design magazines. Luckily I had my personal experience of designing the four closets in my home just 2 years ago. It’s true the choices lacked personality. I went with the elfa system because it was easy to install and take down and their design services in the container store were extremely helpful. With only 2 choices of color-white or chrome it wasn’t really a hard decision but it also lacked flair.  For me personally at the time what was important was containing all my stuff and having great functionality. I wasn’t so much thinking of my closet as a destination. But now after living in my apartment for over 2 years I can see where they are coming from. My walk in closet has been a refuge for me during events at parties in my home. It’s not that I’m anti social it’s just sometimes I need a moment to myself. I installed my phone, a little bench, and everything that is needed to leave for the day-keys. It is truly the hub and check in check out station of my house. I kinda practice that MR. Rogers thing that when I come home and change immediately into ‘home clothing.’

This soon to be named closet project has several name options. Please comment below if you like any.

Potential Names for the /Project Movement

Dream Closet Project

The 80/20 Project

Less is More

I want less CRAP

I want less stuff and more meaning

So this will be a series and I will be asking for your participation. Stay tuned and meanwhile enjoy our first PODCAST together.

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