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Small acts of green-stylish tips

By | April 8th, 2011 | Confessions, LESS IS MORE, STYLE

Alexandra at Christie's Bid to Save the Earth 3/30/10

Small acts of green

As a Californian-born New Yorker, I have always been wired to be green-conscious and considerate of the environment. Here are the small acts of green that I practice regularly to help do my part. I was very inspired by the documentary No Impact Man.

*All those canvas swag bags from fashion shows get used when I grocery shop. Whole Foods gives back 10 cents for each personal bag used.

*In the produce section, I forgo all plastic bags. There is no reason my veggies can’t get cozy in the basket.

*At the drug store I forgo the plastic bag for small purchases.

*I stick to my list at the store and only buy what is needed.

*By saving jars, I reuse them in the kitchen or in other ways, like as a pen canister.

* I’m a freezer guru. Since I live alone, instead of throwing half a loaf of bread away, I now divide it and freeze it in 4-slice sections. I do the same with bacon and soup, freezing them in single serve containers. I used to throw away a lot of food and now I waste practically none.

*The local farmers markets see me a lot as I support them as much as possible.

*I only eat grass-fed, grass finished meat.

*Take out food has been nixed from my diet since it creates so much waste.

* To save plastic, I make my own yogurt with glass jars.

*Walking is great exercise, and it saves me from taking taxis. Sometimes I take the bus, which I enjoy.

*I donate clothing, and I stopped buying items that I know I won’t wear.

*Supporting charities and green events is something I believe in. For example, Bid to Save the Earth at Christie’s just had its second event, co-hosted by my friends the fabulous Susan and David Rockefeller. This year’s event was bigger than ever and had a green fashion show curated by the non-profit Runway to Green.

I would love to hear what your small acts of green are.

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