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Shoe care this winter season

By | November 15th, 2010 | Confessions, STYLE DIY

good winter timberland boots

It’s that time again here in New York City – time to roll out boots for the cold, soggy weather. Boots aren’t always the sexiest topic, but they are practical. This is an ideal time to stress how important it is to have a good cobbler. They can revive many fashion emergencies that fall upon shoes and boots. Sometimes they just need a polish, a heel change, and a little loving care to get back to hitting the pavement.

Treating your shoes to a little service will pay you back in longevity of wear. For example, I had a pair of Cole Haan summer slides that I wore to death but found uber-comfy. I took them to my cobbler, and he re-sprayed them in gold metallic to get me another summer wear out of them and to save me $100.

If you own suede shoes, they tend to need a bit more love than typical leather. You can brush them with a suede brush and spray them to protect against water, but they will never be as good as rain boots.

For foul weather and pouring rain, you need rain boots in synthetic materials, or you need a really well constructed, high quality boot. I suggest Timberland as a workhorse boot because they have styles that give the look of suede with the wear of leather. They must have a patent on how they treat their boots because they are practically indestructible. I had one pair for over 14 years, wearing them in the snow, sleet, and rain. I hiked and rode horseback in them. Talk about getting amazing CPW (cost per wear)! No need to get a pair of yellow wellies for the rain; Timberland has plenty of brown and black styles, which are chic enough for NYC. I have tried Uggs, but they leaked on me, so save your money

A great article about protecting your suede from stains.

No time to run around? If you want help finding the perfect winter boots, I would be happy to work with you. Drop me a line..

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