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‘Schlocky’ purge

The other night I got inspired to perform what I’m calling the ‘schlocky’ purge.  It was a small rampage that resulted in 3 bags going to the Veterans 651-778-8387 that they picked up at my building free of charge+tax deductions slip rendered. It’s a reminent of the game changing experience of Bindu Wiles’s #shedproject and hearing Danielle LePorte speak at RHH Live in New York city in November. Danielle’s term, ‘swell-egant- which means nothing to add and nothing to take away’ has stuck with me. I’ve been pondering this notion of being completely content in life and with material life I’ve decided that it’s better for my business karma to eliminate any clothing which is less than and schlocky. So that means I got rid of:

  • the free t-shirts that are ratty
  • the gifts that never got used but should have be recycled or gifted but lingering guilt stopped me
  • clothing items so old I would be embarrassed to be seen in public
  • turtlenecks and shirts that have been shrunk to an unwearable state
  • pants that are too tight but I say I will fit into later AFTER I lose a few pounds-my new mantra is to deal with the here and NOW
  • outfits from an old self in Boston circa 1999 (yes I’ve had things forever)
  • items in black since I never wear black (not in my my color palette)

Why not have all items that make me feel ‘swell-egant’ even my lounge/me-wear. Aren’t I worth feeling luxurious and cozy? Every time I’ve eliminated unused stuff brighter and bigger things have come into my life. New friends, new opportunities, new business, and new way of thinking. So I know I just scraped the surface and have decided to do it in stages to my whole apartment over the holidays so that I can start the New Year fresh, organized, clean, and on target with my current image.

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