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9 tips to survive a sample sale

By | December 14th, 2011 | Confessions

1. Try to go the first day or hour of the sale when there’s the biggest selection.

2. Bring cash.

3. Bring your list of what is needed. Do not stray from the list.

4. Shop designers who you have shopped from in the past and love.

5. Make sure to inspect items for holes, tears, or imperfections. Don’t buy fake or faulty goods.

6. Be prepared to change in front of many other women in a common dressing room. I like to wear a unitard so that I can try things on in the aisles and avoid the long line in the dressing room.

7. Be comfortable. Make sure you are well fed and have plenty of hydration. Wear comfortable shoes.

8. Make sure to wear the bra/undergarments you will be wearing with the item.

9. Use the following criteria to ask yourself to avoid buyer’s remorse. I’m also working on an audio podcast version of this process to offer on my site.

  • Is it a color that makes my eyes sparkle or hair glean?
  • Is it a shape that flatters my body?
  • Is it something that I need and that will fit into my lifestyle?
  • Is it filling a hole in my wardrobe? Will it go with other things I own? (We all have our own “fashion blind spots,” so be careful.)
  • Does it fit the image/brand that I want to project to the world?
  • Would I buy this at full price?

Answer “YES!” 5 times and it’s a winner to purchase.

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