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Rosenthal I love U!

By | October 15th, 2009 | Uncategorized

On our way to the Plaza to catch the tail end of the Rosenthal event with my good friend Nikki we ran into the super dandy Patrick McDonald (who by the way if you don’t know who he is…you’re living under a rock-go check him out). What a great omen to see him coming from the Plaza. Once up in the marble foyer we were offered champagne and immediately hit on by some creepy older gentlemen. No thanks I think we’ll go look at the Rosenthal china display which our friend Nick Dietz spent oodles of creative energy on. (we love you Nick!) Photographs by Karl Lagerfeld who was commissioned to come up with 12 images of the china but shot a massive 60 with a male model because he was so inspired. Can’t believe I’m actually creaming for china but hey it must be hormones. I’ve never felt the urge to register but the gold tea pot is to die for! Party goers were on the OK side. Ladies were bringing out their bling and designer wares in honor of Louis, Gucci, and Louboutins. My favorite moment of the fete was spying Edward of Warren Tricomi twisting, twirling, and fluffing the already gorgeous Countess Luann de Lesseps (if she’s divorced does that mean she’s still a Countess??) perfect coif on the fly. His new salon which looked out onto the party is to die for and oh so chic in a studio 54 kinda way. Also up there was flirting wish a cutie with bright blue eyes, British accent and job selling super yachts to the super rich. Hopefully more to come on that one…

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