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Netflix of Jewelry

By | November 13th, 2013 | Confessions, STYLE TO LOVE

jewelry for – an online jewelry styling service – offered me a free subscription a few months ago, and I have been giving it a whirl. It’s essentially ShoeDazzle mixed with Netflix, featuring costume jewelry. They send me three pieces of jewelry at a time. Although they cater to each customer’s taste, I did have to have a conversation with them after the first box because stylewise it felt very off. But since they noted which metals I prefer and that I need very big, colorful styles, what they’ve sent has been pretty cool.

I’ve been able to use the RocksBox jewelry to project a bold image in my videos. Personally I usually go for the simple stud earring since I prefer an attention-grabbing statement necklace, but small earrings don’t translate AT ALL online in video, Skype, or Google Hangouts. So RocksBox has helped with a steady stream of new styles that I can wear and then send back for a fresh box. To keep any pieces I can’t live without, I can save 20% on full price, which is a nice discount for members.

This is great for the woman whose taste can’t be pinned down but who doesn’t want to invest in expensive jewelry. It’s also great for fashion-forward women (like me) who want to change up their look regularly. They carry designers such as Isharya, Samantha Wills, Margaret Elizabeth, and more. Membership starts at $15/month. Check out RocksBox here>

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