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Stylish Art Picks at AAF

By | May 9th, 2011 | ART, Confessions

I’m a big fan of art fairs in general but AAF is one of my favorites because it is so well curated and digestible. It’s never so large that you can’t walk it in a hour-not like the marathon like experience of art at the Piers or Armory Show. And with art priced from $100-$10,000 it’s a really great place if you want to get your foot in the art buying door.

Feels way less snobby than art basel where you can’t buy without a relationship with the gallery. (They have such demand for blue chip art that they can pick their buyers)

I attended the opening night preview which was packed and really not the time to really see all the art-too many bodies but it was fun and exciting to get the first look. I ran into Guido Tenaglia of EZarchitecture. At the Krause Gallery booth I met a dynamic fashion designer who does custom work named Angelo Lambrou and I look forward to checking out his work more.

I’m always looking to discover fresh talent with style. I returned with my Mom who was visiting from California who is much more of a newbie to art shows. We had a wonderful time comparing notes about art taste. Here are my top pics:

Jordan Eagles shown by the Krause Gallery as usual was hands down my favorite. I really can’t get enough of his cow resin exploding creations of plexi, resin, and copper amazing-ness. Plus every time I see a new piece I see a forward movement and evolution. So exciting. He showed both styles of work one which is splattered on white plexi opaque background and the other type with multiple layers and transparent ‘canvas’.In the works for Jordan is an upcoming solo show in the fall and a studio move to Williamsburg Brooklyn. He has a new video on his site which shows his process for those who are curious. Color me psyched.

Lawrence Morrell of Portland Find Art-Loved this glass artwork which has sculptural aspects but hang-ability. Reminds me a bit of the texture of a couture stingray purse. See I will always be rooted in fashion.

Both my Mom and I fell in love with Albert Delamour of Living with Art Gallery who is working in a very special way with gold/silver leaf. Who doesn’t want more metal in their art?

James Verbicky of Canada-I fell in love with a set of four collages (mixed media on panel) finished in resin. He used vintage french papers as material.

Cedric Bouteiller of Artemisia

Peter Hofferr of Envie D’art although I really loved a bigger piece which they showed at the previous AAF. I love that he’s mixing the old fashioned painting style landscapes with a more modern feel with the resin finish. Plus his work has an ethereal quality that I just can’t forget.

Did you see anything you couldn’t forget? I would love to hear your comments..


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