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Real/Faux Gucci

“Night of Italian Glamour”

I was lured to an event at the Pierre last week that at a quick glance I believed would be hosted by Gucci the brand. I think don’t think I was alone in that conclusion. The event however was hosted by Giorgio Gucci who sold his famous Gucci name to the design house in the 20’s and now is launching a high end cognac line called Giorgio G Cognac. I should have known based on who invited me that this was going to be a dog and pony show. It seemed every ‘housewife’ was in attendance from New Jersey to New York. The flavor of the event leaned more in the New Jersey direction. Another tip off to the cheese factor was a silent auction prize of ticket to attend Hugh Hefners Halloween party at the Mansion. Mr Gucci really deserved a more elegant affair ~ it seemed every gate crasher and media hungry wanna be socialite New Yorker was there for their free lobster dinner despite the fact that they didn’t have a table or a seat. It was total madness with the paparazzi everywhere and then the actual filming of ‘real housewives of new york city’ episode (sadly their crew was robbed of 30K worth of film equipment during the event) which added to the circus. Luckily I was at a quality table and had excellent company of Joanna Mastroianni a fashion designer and friend, her partner Gideon Lewin who is an amazing fashion photographer, Amy Rossi a PR maven, and the one and only Couri Hay who was working the room the whole time. I thought to myself this event is just like a faux designer handbag on the subway. Looks great from far away.

Guess I wasn’t the only one not wooed by this event. Scallywag and Vagabond was especially snarky which I love!

Luckily I ended the evening with a stroll down 5th Avenue with Joanna and Gideon. It was the perfect antidote. Good company, wide open sidewalks, and fashion windows glittering in the night.

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