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7 considerations BEFORE hiring a personal stylist

By | June 14th, 2011 | Confessions

1. What are they wearing? Are they modeling a unique personal style? Do they look well put together? They don’t have to need the SAME taste as you want but they should be practicing what they preach.

2. Can you afford to work with a wardrobe consultant on top of your budget for purchasing clothing?

3.Does the consultant have any negative reviews or bad press out there on the web? How long have they been in business?

4. Do they have some sort of certification or accreditation in the science of color analysis and shape analysis? For example do they understand and teach the science behind personal style rather than just giving their opinion? Can they explain why something looks good or bad on you?

5. Are they responsive to emails, phone calls, and communications? Do they appear to have time to devote to helping you as a client?

6. Do you feel comfortable around them? Do they ask useful questions? Do you feel that your needs are heard?

7. What do they specialize in: runway, photo shoots, or private clients? Anyone can make a model look great but few stylists can dress real women, real bodies, and the average size 14 American woman to truly look their best.

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