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By | August 18th, 2017 | Confessions

With all that is going on in the world this week I felt like I could NOT address human challenge.

While at the wellness retreat I had a few challenging moments.

I would call them meltdowns.

Nausea and anxiety flooded me.

Travel, new places, and new breakfast routines are triggers for me from childhood.

The circumstances were irrelevant, but what struck me was the outcomes.

At each meltdown an angel would show up and help me get through the moment by holding my hand, give me a hug or offer some encouraging words.

And when I say angel, I mean another person who was there and saw what a hard time I was having and they consciously reached out.

Sometimes it was another guest. Other times it was a coordinator, and one time it was a young waiter.

All of these kind souls on their own journeys took the time to help me, a stranger in need.

And each time I was able to overcome the anxiety and move forward with their help.

I got through the challenging time stronger but also wiser.

Once I started feeling better I started looking for others who might be having meltdown moments and may need a little kindness.

And I would reach out to them and offer my words, or a hug, or just hold their hand. I was paying forward the kindness I received with grace.

The day I was leaving, one of these women that I helped, made a point to thank me for reaching out to her in her time of need.

I explained to her that I had experienced a similar meltdown and other’s helped me in my time of need.

I said that she too could pay forward the kindness.

In today’s time what we all need is more kindness.

So I ask you how can you pay forward kindness today?


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