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Using Pinterest for brand style inspiration

By | April 6th, 2013 | Confessions, Style Esteem

Pinterest has proved to be an amazing tool for my business.

Not only do I build inspirational boards for my clients to show them styles they should buy, but I’ve also been using it to share my branding vision for my business with my whole team. My graphic designers, web developers, photographer, makeup artist, and video producer have all benefited from seeing my branding vision board on Pinterest. It’s a result of honing in on my branding key phrases and then translating them into images.

Now you try:

1. Get a blank sheet of paper and jot down words that describe your brand. Don’t filter.

2. Go back over it and circle the most important and evocative ones.

3. Start a Pinterest board and select images the illustrate the message/feeling/tone of your business. Don’t limit yourself to clothing. I used a lot of interior shots for my branding to express the feeling I wanted to convey. You can use any object as inspiration. Animal, car, travel destination, accessory – it’s all good.

4. Share the board with the whole team and any new freelancers you bring on board. This is the foundational work that I cover in-depth in my new program Six-Figure Style. For more info, get on the alert list here>>>

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