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Outlook at the Armory Show

By | March 4th, 2010 | ART


At Art Basel in Miami this December walking the show during ‘vip’ preview hours was sheer bliss. You could just imagine the other visitors stepping off their private jets in their head to toe designer looks and Hermes bags from waiting lists and 20k price tages.
But yesterday at the Armory Show at the piers was a whole other monster. It was packed and it seemed all the cool people of the NYC art world was there. But as the day went on I ran into more and more people I know and realized that New York’s definition of ‘VIP’ has changed. The aisles were clogged and it was frankly hard to see the art objectively. The show seemed not exclusive to those in the market to pick up a small modern art piece for a cool half a million and art media but hangers ons and even those who don’t work in the art world or buy in the art world or even care about the art. And I saw a fair number of girls dressed up on dates. WTF? I guess the sheer density of New York is affecting attendance. The bottom line is art is cool but let’s hope it helps the fiscal bottom line.

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