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Affordable Art Fair selects – September 2011

By | September 28th, 2011 | ART, Confessions

As a stylist, I have an appreciation for all things stylish and that includes art. One of my favorite things to do in nyc is the visit the armory and art fairs, including the Affordable Art Fair. Again this season it was held at 7 West 34th Street.

I stopped by to chat with my favorite gallery owner Benjamin Krause, and learn about the fine print of AAF. Apparently, you can’t show the same artist twice in one year or if they are represented by another gallery. In my mind, the show felt greatly affected by this ‘rule’, whichI think should be broken. One should always feature their best pieces and artists at a show, don’t you think? Consequently, I saw only a few pieces I felt I needed to share with you.

Benjamin Kruase was showing a few fun pieces by Matt Colagiuri.

I realized that the pieces I liked by Emma Hack (who calls herself a skin illustrator) reminded me of Cecilia Parades – the person in the photograph is camouflaged into the decorative background.

I’m looking forward to seeing fresh pieces from Jordan Eagles next season as his work was missing this AAF.

I also want to note that while I empathize with those manning the booths and on their feet the entire day, sneakers with a dress is not a good look. You are a curator of art, and the personal representation of your brand – you are instantly judged by what you wear! In New York City we have so many wonderful shoe stores, so there is no excuse. Plus I’ve certainly covered comfortable and stylish shoe options here. Thanks for reading!

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