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7 tips to green your wardrobe

By | October 26th, 2011 | Confessions, STYLE DIY

You’ve probably switched to organic produce when you can and non-toxic house cleaning products already, but have you given a thought to organic and fair trade clothing? There are just so many issues these days, I wanted to break it down for you and explain why and what is important. So here goes: my top tips for a chic, gorgeously green wardrobe:

1. Don’t buy fake designer bags – often they are made in sweat shops, possibly by small children working under terrible conditions.

2. Recycle your clothing – recycling is ideal, whether it’s donating to charity, giving a piece away to a friend, or finding an organization that reuses fabric.

3. Consider re-purposing an item – can you make it into something else? For example, T-shirts that are worn out can be worn as PJ’s or cut up into rags.

4. Go for Fair Trade Certified – buying fair trade clothing means your purchases were made in ethical working conditions by people who were paid a living wage.

5. Go local – buying locally produced goods supports your community and cuts down on the gas that would have been used in getting the item to you from somewhere else. It’s so much more sustainable! For example, Alexis Bittar has his jewelry hand made by artisans who work right here in Brooklyn, New York.

6. Consider organic styles – harsh dyes are used in clothing and can be absorbed into your skin, possibly causing harm in the future. Buying certified organic gets around that issue. For example, some beautiful organic lines I love are Jonano, John Patrick Organic, and Samantha Pleet.

7. Buy at markets – I like knowing the person I’m buying from. Even better? Having them make something just for me! This is also another way you can buy local.

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