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officially over old skool

By | May 23rd, 2009 | Uncategorized

I love an old skool DJ. In fact my friend Paulie who is a member of the band Leigh-Ra is an amazing vinyl 80’s DJ in his spare time and graces us with his presence at the PH in the sky. Madonna, Belinda Carlyle, Stereo MC’s, Michael Jackson, and even Tiffany. Hello he’s like amazing (dj paulie
But I am over old skool hipsters. And I was never into Marc Jacobs 80’s neon revival this season on the runway. Top shop can pack up and go back to London. Especially overpriced over curated old skool. I was invited to a ‘BBQ’ at the store Operations in Soho. I love my friend in pr Huilan who invited me but really it’s not my scene anymore. It felt like Williamsburg creeping into Soho, creepy being the operative word. The clothing overpriced and unflattering (over 900 for a dress on sale!) and the crowd…not my peeps. Entertaining yes! unfriendly yes! And I wondered why I was single in Williamsburg. (see it onstage Williamsburg the Musical) Everyone’s too shy and socially awkward to make new friends. They’re too hip to talk to strangers. Don’t look like you’re trying too hard.
The prize goes to the tall lanky fellow in large black/white/pink plaid jacket, skinny jeans rolled up, black bowtie, saddle shoes, and 50’s jfk sunglasses. However my stylist friend said I just described HIS outfit so I guess it’s cool.
So as a party with a pr team behind it I would expect a little more provisions but I guess the economy is hitting us all. The bar served only 1 beverage (gin and tonics) and sign on the bar said ,’tipping isn’t a city in china’ and the BBQ options were a hot dog or a hot dog. Elbowing and self service for the bun and catsup required. Excess of the 90’s where are you now???

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