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Nooses and Naked Cherubs at the Artist Salon

My favorite/coolest naked cherub Mathew Heggem

Photographer Brian Raby

I was so inspired by the location where the last Artist Salon (@LesSalonnieres) was held in the lower east side on Saturday night that I took some arty stills. Luckily I arrived early to prep for my talk and got some with natural light. Part of the allure of the evening was the slight fear of danger. A dinner mate intimated that he wondered if we would fall through the floor at any moment. Could have been all the nooses hanging around inspiring our smooze about suicide until a fellow artist suggested we switch to discussing sex. There was no typical lighting fixtures so the whole evening was powered by candle lite. Adam Aleksander hosted in what is probably one of the last authentic tenements. I’ve seen so many interior decorators in Williamsburg fake this decor look but this was the ‘swept up’ real deal. Below are some of the artists who made this event special:

Adam Aleksander-Host

Jenny Miller-Host

Kara Masi-Ted and Amy SupperClub-Chef

Gentry Farley-Mixologist
(no website/twitter yet)

Ventiko- Photographer

Candi Sterling-Moderator candisterling at

Amatullah Lewis- bread purveyor

Jeff Orlick- poet

Pamela Martinez

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