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New York Photo Festival

I ventured out to Dumbo to check out the New York Photo Festival for the second year in a row. It’s going on through this weekend. Unlike most New Yorkers I don’t have a phobia about crossing bridges and exploring the Brooklyn borough-I actually cherish it. But I must say I was left a bit underwhelmed by the festival and craving a fashion focused photo festival. If you know of one..please let me know. Here are some pics of some pieces and installations I felt were worthy and interesting. Void during this show were galleries or hawkers. I got the feeling that purchasing was not an option.My first stop was the DutchDoc!Space which was a labyrinth of book pages curated by Marga Rotteveel. Using materials from others in the dutch spirit of ‘we do it ourselves’ the following photographers in this show are Petra Stavast, Daan Paans, Wytske van Keulen, and Willem Popelier.

An ad for one of the festival’s ‘bodies in question’ photo by Raphael Dellaporta at St Anns Warehouse
These images were pulled from google street views and blow up by Michael Wolf. I love how the notion of who can claim ownership of images the artist,the mechanism, the Internet, or google is being questioned.
Again great advertisements for the fair on the construction bridge in dumbo.
Collage art by Chantal Rens
Sanja Medic

My last stop was at the talk given by Paul Kooiker who uses photography and post production tools on the computer to assemble groups of images expounding on the same theme or subject. He spoke at length about his work and what fascinated me is that he hired models that aren’t often booked and said they were often older and larger. I wonder if he was last picked in dodge ball as a kid…He also is pushing the viewer to become a voyeur and never shows the face of his art subject because he likes theme of anonymity.

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