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My first designer suit

By | October 1st, 2014 | Confessions

 My first suit by Vivienne Westwood which made me feel like a million bucks everytime I wore it.In college my Mom encouraged me to get my first job waitressing at Armani Cafe. It was pretty swank but I knew work would be in my future because my Mom kept saying to me, “you’re going to have to work”. She drilled it in like a sergeant!

I decided if I was going to work then I would need my very first suit for interviews. There was a really cool boutique on Newbury Street which stocked European designer clothing called House of Culture ran by Patrick Petty who was the coolest man I knew with dreads. (The shop is now on Columbus Street.) I spent a lot of time shopping and hanging out there in my college days.

I also became friends with all the sales people at Al and Bethany’s since I only lived 2 blocks away. They had this skirt suit by Vivienne Westwood which was gray with a peplum cropped jacket and matching mini skirt. The signature Vivienne Westwood oval buttons looked like gold to me. The suit was out of my college budget so I asked my California Mom for the money justifying that it was for interviews.

In my mind this is what I would be wearing in my future, glamourous and hip clothing.

She said yes and I was floored! I was so excited about my new purchase that I took it with me to Miami on Spring break. I also started wearing it on dates but found the super short skirt was a bit more than I bargained for.

In Paris, I wore the suit with a black vintage hat to do a ‘deal’ with the owners of a Parisian night club, David and Cathy Guetta (now a famous DJ), with a crazy American artist Ken Mudd to showcase his work for a night. I was his partner in crime and business-half.

I loved that ‘suit’ and considered it my prize possession.

Several months later my Mom got to see my ‘suit’. She was horrified that this style was my idea of a suit and she felt duped. I guess Mom was expecting a style more along the line of Brooks Brothers, something one might wear for an internship at a law firm. She has always envisioned an office job for me and I had different ideas.

Long after the suit stopped fitting me I kept it in my closet shrined in a garment bag. Somehow I lost it along the way during my dozen moves from place to place. I still have no idea where that suit is but it will stay with me as my first designer crush.

What about you…who was the first designer you fell in love with?


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