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Maximizing a Boat Closet-‘A Dream Closet’ Post

Another installment of the DREAM CLOSET PROJECT/LESS is MORE in collaboration with Guido Tenaglia and Hsiang Lin of EZarchitecture.

So knowing that I would be spending a lot of time on a yacht in the Greek Islands I packed ‘light’ for me. I knew the lack of closet and drawer space. Here’s what I’ve brought so far that seems to be working.

4 bathingsuit coverups -3 of them double for dresses or tops over pants
4 bathing suits-one is already worn out and thrown out
2 light layers-a cross between a sweater and a top (will be good for Paris and London leg)
1 Pair of white jeans-with 2 tops
4 cotton dresses that go from day to night1 dressy dress that doesn’t wrinkle and takes up no space
3 pairs of shoes-one multi mettalic wedge, one gold slide, and one substantial bronze sandal
Fun pucci pants with 2 alternate tops
1 pair of yoga pants with a few tops
Folding big hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for an army as sunscreen is around $25 dollars a bottle in Greece.
Red pashmina that doubles as a wrap or blanket on the plane

Way too many technology things-camera, video camera, laptop, external drive, greek cell phone, blackberry, and all the cords and chargers to match
Limited toiletries
I’m finding that even with limited items I’m wearing the same things over and over. Mostly been living my bathingsuits and cover-ups. The pucci pants haven’t been worn yet because of all the sea water and they are dry clean only. Seem too nice for this trip. I’ve also been shedding during the trip. I shed sunscreen as it’s used, books that have been read passed on to family, a bathing suit that was on it’s last leg, and food that was consumed.
Overall I still would like to par down for next trip but I do have the rest of my journey in Paris, London, and Maine before I’m home in NYC.

How have you been dealing with packing for summer travel? Are you able to pack lighter? Would love to hear from you!

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